There’s a series of main characters through the Chronicles. Each novel features three people, and several are in more than one novel! They are listed by order of appearance in the novels. The novel(s) they are in are indicated by the acronym between their name and bio- TRP=The Runaway Princess, TMP=The Mountain Princess, TSP=The Servant Princess, and TAP=The Ambassador Princess.

For spoiler reasons, only books one and two are featured currently!

Celeste Nightingale


Hi! I’m Celeste! Loretta asked me to tell you who I am. I guess I should say that I’m seventeen, and I have really long hair! I live in a tower in the middle of the Bay Of Peace and I have a pet cat. I can’t wait for you to read The Runaway Princess and meet me!


I am Queen Abigail Villn. I married my late husband Benjamin when I was quite young and I have two children, Ivory and Ethan. I love them both dearly, and would give my life to protect them.

Ivory Villn (Princess)


Hello, I’m Ivory! I grew up in the Kappaka Queendom, where my mother rules, but moved to the Whiegua Kingdom recently. I have a new family now, and I watch over some orphans. I really like my life here, and hope it stays the same!

Mason Wren (Captain)


Hey ya’ll! I’m Mason. I used to be the Captain of the Guard for Queen Villn, but I quit to go look for Prince Ethan with Cilla. I love adventure and someday I hope to be a professional fencer.

Cilla Starling


Hello! I’m Cilla, and for a long time I worked for Queen Villn. But I got banished and went to look for Prince Ethan and Princess Ivory with Mason. It was a great adventure, and now I’m trying to discover what I want to do with my life!